Athletes miss out on homecoming festivities

By Jaye Whitaker, Staff–

Davis High School sports teams are missing out on the popular homecoming football game and dance on Oct. 19. Instead, the Davis High water polo and cross country team are leaving Davis to compete at races and tournaments during homecoming weekend.

The cross country team will be in Walnut, California racing at the Mt. SAC Invitational.

“I know some people are upset because they are missing homecoming, but I am not particularly upset about missing it, but for me it’s never been super exciting,” senior Kyle Henricson said.

The cross country team leaves on the morning of Oct. 19 and returns on Sunday. The runners have some fun activities planned for in between. After their race, they will go to Disneyland in Anaheim, California.

“You lose homecoming, but you gain Disneyland,” Henricson said.

The water polo team will also miss the homecoming festivites, as it will be participating in the Northern California Invitational.

“It’s really out of out control. The only way we could go to homecoming is if we forfeited, but it’s one of the biggest tournaments of the season,” senior Emily Blackwell said. “It’s definitely a bummer since homecoming is a big part of the high school experience, but the team will always come first because that is what I signed up for.”

Blackwell says the tournament is “something none of us want to miss, not even for homecoming.”

Both athletes do not mind missing homecoming because they understand their commitment to the team.

“I am not super disappointed,” Henricson said.

“The team will always come before individual needs or wants,” Blackwell said.

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