Varsity football’s underclassmen look forward to homecoming game

Davis High faces Franklin in a 2015 game. (Photo: HUB Archives)

By Annika Fisk, Staff– 

There are only 4 sophomores and 1 freshman who play football with the Davis High School varsity team.

 All of them started on either the junior varsity or freshman team and have worked their way up to varsity since then.  The increased practice, pressure and number of people trying out for the team make it even harder for freshmen and sophomores to make it on to the varsity team.  

Keiffer Jones, the only freshman on the varsity team, has been playing football for 9 years and hopes to continue.  Although it is more pressure, he still enjoys the “brotherhood” the team shares and hopes to have a great season.

Another challenge that comes with making varsity is the higher level of competition.  Xavier Chambers, a sophomore and receiver for the Blue Devils, agrees that varsity is harder and more commitment but that it is worth it in the end.  

The team feels it has been working hard all season and is feeling ready for the homecoming game on Friday against Franklin High School.  Patton Miller, a sophomore who has played 10 seasons of football, thinks that the team is prepared and ready to put up a fight against Franklin.  

“I’m feeling pretty confident about the game,” Miller said, talking about their chances against Franklin. “I think we’re prepared.”

Many of the members of the team want to continue to play football and hope to get the chance to do so.  Zachary Brooks, a sophomore and a linebacker for the Blue Devils, has been playing for 5 years and wants to continue playing football as long as possible.  

“I’d always wanted to play football,” Brooks said in regards to when he first started playing football.   

Luke Carrell, another sophomore, plays quarterback for the Blue Devils and likes to play football not only for the brotherhood, but simply because of the game.  

“As long as I can remember,” Carrell said, “I’ve always wanted to play.”

The varsity team also plays teams with a higher skill level making it more competitive.  A lot of players on the team also consider the game faster especially when the stakes are higher.  

Tonight’s game against Franklin will be a test not just for these five players, but for the whole team.

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