The high-spirited homecoming halftime show

By Chloe Chedin Staff–

As the football players walked off the field at Davis High’s homecoming football game on Oct. 19, the dance team, in their blue and glittery outfits, strutted confidently onto the field to perform a performance filled with various dance moves and flips.

This performance was followed by an action-packed display from the cheerleading team. Their routine was filled with flips of all sorts and cheerleaders being thrown gracefully into the air.

Freshman Peyton Schoen, a member of the cheerleading squad, said, “For me it [half time show] meant a chance to compete and to kind of show off our skills to other people. But I had a really fun time performing.”

Then came sumo soccer. Six DHS students, wearing blue and black inflatable sumo suits, competed in a soccer match. This event was a big hit with the crowd.

“Our goal in this is to make people happy and to have fun and to boost school spirit. We do all of this for the students, not for ourselves, but for everyone.” said senior Alli Ayers, head of the halftime show committee.

The homecoming game halftime show concluded with the homecoming royalty riding on golf carts and waving to the crowd.

“The halftime show was entertaining and interesting. My favorite part was the cheerleading performance with all the flips and lifts.” said sophomore Maya Beal.


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