Blue Devils battle it out at black out game

Sophomore Franchesca Bolivar passes the ball to a teammate in attempt to score another goal.

By Lindsey Su Staff–

The Davis High women’s soccer team crushed the St. Francis Troubadours 3-1 at its rivalry black out game. Continuing their undefeated streak, the Devils fought hard for their eighth win of the season on Jan 11.

“We know a lot of the girls on the St. Francis team, so there was a bit of smack talking that occured last night, which made everyone even more excited to come out and prove who’s the superior team,” senior defender Madi Johnson said.

DHS defended its spot at the top of the Delta League against the Troubadours, who are currently ranked third in the league.

Although it was slightly raining, fans sported all black outfits to cheer on their favorite Blue Devils.

Students came to support the team despite the slight rain decked out in all black and came prepared with posters.

The Troubadours started the game off with a goal within the first ten minutes. However, the Devils soon tied it up with a goal from junior midfielder Sydney Moore. The ball bounced off the St Francis goalie’s hand from a free kick by senior Maya Doms and Moore smashed the ball into the goal.

“[The crowd] really helps us. You can really see that the other team was totally defeated, and it helps on the field too. The crowd helps you keep going, even if you don’t feel like you’re doing well,” Moore said.

The Devils have been preparing for this game their whole season and were nervous but ready to win.

“We were playing a bit frantically in the first half, but by the second half we had calmed down and really controlled the game,” Johnson said.

Senior Paige Rubenstein brought the DHS team its second goal of the night during the end of the first half.

For the final goal of the night, senior Alana Curtis bumped the ball into the goal as a St. Francis player tried to block a pass from sophomore Summer Baron.

Senior Alana Curtis scores.

“We were very happy with tonight’s game because we were really hoping to win but St. Francis is a really good team,” junior Lily Byrne said.

The Devils are looking for more wins as they head towards playoffs.

“I’m expecting more tough games for us, but more good outcomes too,” Moore said.

The Devils will travel to Sheldon for their next game on Jan. 14.

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