Playing president: A look into the ASB world

PHOTO: Current ASB President Kenneth Wang hangs a poster advertising Cultural Fair, a new event at Davis High.

By Lindsey Su, Staff–

At Back to School Night last year, a mother walked up to Kenneth Wang and asked him how to get to a classroom. Wang helped her find her way, and he realized that what had just happened perfectly encapsulated what he loves most about being in student government.

“The best part about being ASB President is seeing those small actions make an impact. Seeing what we do, what our events do, whether it’s small or big, and how they help people,” Wang said.

Being the ASB president of Davis High comes with many responsibilities. The president ensures that all student government events run smoothly. “The president takes ultimate responsibility for all of the ASB events,” incoming ASB President Ben Skinner said.

In addition to overseeing the various activities that student government hosts, the ASB president also takes on the job of leading the student government class and the executive board.

“That means the day-to-day planning of the student government class, the agenda, also the long-term planning of events, and setting up committees,” Wang said. Wang coordinates weekly meetings with the executive board to approve various events, purchase orders and budget spendings.

Wang says that this has helped him gain more organizational skills.

For Wang, a challenge is getting people to respect him and listen to him. “Student government is a class of like 40-something energetic, really passionate student leaders. Because we’re all so passionate, it’s hard to steer the class in the right direction. It’s challenging to lead a class full of leaders,” Wang said.

However, as the ASB President, Wang has introduced new ways to improve the class. This year, he used Slack, a collaboration app, to facilitate communication within the student government class.

Wang has also helped create new events like Game Night and the upcoming Cultural Fair.

Skinner hopes to build off of Wang’s work and make DHS more inclusive. “I want to make sure that everyone in the school has an event they want to go to, an event they can look forward to and say, ‘This event’s coming up, I want to go to that event. I want to do Game Night. I want to do this dance,’” Skinner said.

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