REVIEW: Minervium Escape Games makes memorable nights

PHOTO: A group of juniors visited the Davis escape room on Feb. 1, saying it was a “night to remember.”

By Auden Marsh-Armstrong, Editor–

Hidden away in an apartment complex near Central Park in downtown Davis is Minervium Escape Games, formerly known as Escape Key Davis.

Minervium is the perfect attraction for those who like to be challenged and who want to have fun testing out their problem solving abilities with their friends.

Minervium is the perfect activity for you and three to seven other friends to attend for a birthday party or on a lazy weekend night. Minervium also creates team bonding experiences, since you have to be able to work together to win the game and escape the room.

When you arrive at Minervium, the instructor tells you the story behind the escape room: “[how] many years ago, the legendary sorcerer and occultist Voix Du Lac terrorized his village. The threat seemed to have passed when one day he turned up dead, but evil is not so easily defeated. Strange powers are gathering at his abandoned house and the danger may now be greater than ever. We need a team of skilled Witch Hunters to find their way in and discover what’s really going on – before all is lost!”

You and your friends are tasked with the role to be skilled Witch Hunters to destroy the evil Vampire in a 90-minute immersion game that gives you the time to thoroughly explore the room and its puzzles.

The advanced technology brings the story to life and is designed to challenge your team with a huge variety of unique puzzles unlike anything you have ever seen before.

“A trip to Minervium is guaranteed to be a night to remember,” junior Ben Busano said.

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