Meet two of our sophomore athletes

PHOTO: Sophomores Carleigh Greenway (left) and Juan Ramirez (right) are both unique, dedicated athletes with a passion for water-related sports.

By Emily Chapman, Editor–

Carleigh Greenway

Throughout sophomore Carleigh Greenway’s life, she has pursued an array of sports such as water polo and volleyball; but none have stuck like rowing.

Greenway found rowing in the beginning of eighth grade when her mother drove by a sign on the side of Mace Blvd as she was coming home. 

“I think Carleigh would like that,” Greenway recalls her mother saying.

Since beginning, Greenway has created many memories with her “instant family.” 

During last season’s championship in May, Greenway participated in the Freshman Four, an event with four people a boat, all freshmen or younger. The race takes anywhere from seven to nine minutes in a span of 2,000 meters.

 Greenway’s boat placed fourth out of 20, which left her very satisfied with her performance. 

“That was really cool,” she exclaimed looking back on the event.

Although Greenway is excited for the current season which began on Sept. 3, she is also concerned about balancing school and rowing.

“Rowing is six practices a week and I won’t have a lot of time to do homework… so I’m stressed,” she explained.

Although she loves her sport, Greenway has found an outlet to channel the stress that it creates: painting.

“[Painting is] really relaxing… it takes my mind off of school and sports and all that stuff… it calms me down,” Greenway said.

Despite daily stress, Greenway is excited about pushing herself to make it into the Top Boat, the fastest boat, and become a captain for her team.

Juan Ramirez 

When sophomore Juan Ramirez was asked to be a goalie by his water polo coach during the summer of second grade, he did not realize he was being introduced to what is now his main passion.

Since being introduced to the sport, Ramirez developed as a player by travelling to participate in national Olympic Development Programs.

During an ODP camp, Ramirez was set to start the first game when one of his contacts fell out after warm-ups. 

Bummed by the fact that nationally recognized goalie developer Sean Nolan was in the crowd, Ramirez gave up his starting spot to his alternate.

“I mean, it kinda sucked,” Ramirez elaborated.

Due to his love of the sport and his eagerness to help other goalies,  Ramirez became a goalie coach over the summer for the 12 and 14 and under boys.

His summer hours went from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. every weekday to 10 a.m. till 2 p.m. with coaching the younger athletes.

Aside from water polo, Ramirez enjoys participating in Davis High track.

“It’s fun to get hurt together,” Ramirez mentioned about his runs through muddy levees. “You can talk, you can breathe, listen to music… there are all these pluses.”

Yet although he enjoys different aspects of each sport, he prefers his water polo community.

“The people who do [waterpolo] want to be there… we’re all in this together,” Ramirez says smiling.

As the current water polo season goes on, Ramirez is excited to get stronger as an individual and play as the backup varsity goalie.  

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