Caffeine and crashes: the effects of coffee

Miranda Griffiths and Maya Beal go to try some of the best rated coffee shops in downtown Davis.

By Chris Plasterer, Staff–

Regardless of whether the time is a cold first period final in December or fourth period teaching assistant class in the middle of May, every student requires energy. To combat this urge to fall face first into a stiff wooden desk, most students opt to slurp caffeine laden drinks, coffee being among the most popular to boost productivity.

According to a study conducted by the National Coffee Association, an average of 64 percent of Americans begin their day with coffee. Also, a University of Michigan study suggests that roughly 73 percent of teens consume some sort of caffeine, including coffee.

Coffee in Davis is extremely easy to come into contact with, especially for stressed high school students. In Davis, there are several coffee brands, ranging from local donut shops all the way to major companies such as Starbucks.. 

As a result of the strong coffee culture in Davis, most students choose to begin their day with a cup of coffee.

“I start my day with [coffee],” said sophomore Gabriela Moreno

Other students, such as sophomore Ian Carpenter, chug coffee more consistently throughout the day to maintain energy.

“I drink it more throughout the day,” Carpenter said

Although the drink remains popular in the daily routine of students, they remain cautious of the potential effects it can have on their bodies.

“I don’t want to keep drinking [coffee],”  Moreno said. “Then I’ll keep needing it, you know?” 

This worry of potential coffee dependency has been shared by other students as well, especially those who sip on it periodically throughout the course of the day.

“Yes, I feel like I depend on it more the days I do use it,” Carpenter said.

In addition to the fear of becoming dependent on the drink, there is also the worry of immediate effects once the caffeine wears off.

“It feels like a sugar crash, but with caffeine,” Moreno said.

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