Students show off socks at Homecoming dance

PHOTO: Students had to wear socks to the Homecoming dance in order to preserve the gym floor.

By Angela Voss, Staff–

As Davis High buzzes about the past dance, students reflect on the outfits they wore to Homecoming.

 “Everyone’s so excited about it. It’s been the best week ever,” sophomore Lucia Mendez said. 

One aspect of Homecoming was finding the right dance outfit.

“Everything matters. You have to get the right dress and accessories to get your outfit to be perfect,” Mendez said. 

One thing for certain is the socks at Homecoming. DHS students are not allowed to wear shoes during the dance, since they would mess up the gym floor. This gave a reason for DHS students to rock their craziest and most fashionable socks at Homecoming. 

Mendez and her date, Tavi Meas, decided to spice things up. They both worse fuzzy Halloween socks to bring some festivity to Homecoming.

“I got them at Target, and I just thought they were so cute,” Mendez said. The socks are black with little designs of pumpkins and skeletons.

However, not everyone decided to go all out on the festivities this year. 

“Simple is sometimes the way to go,” junior Sean Seo said. “Don’t get me wrong, I love crazy socks as much as the next person, but for tonight I just wanted plain black socks.”

Paired with a red silk dress, senior Maru Marquez’s sparkly silver socks shimmered on the gym floor. “I love anything shiny. And I thought they would look really cool tonight since the dance is Hollywood-themed,” Marquez said. 

Marquez’s socks even had grips at the bottom, so she didn’t have to worry about slipping while she was dancing around. 

A night with music and dancing put an end to this year’s Homecoming. 

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