Recent crime concerns female students

PHOTO: The Davis Police Department posted a crime alert on their Facebook page detailing certain cases of the recent armed robberies (Courtesy: Davis Police Department).

By Katrina Haws, Staff–

The Davis Police Department has recorded a recent surge of armed robberies. In the past seven weeks, eight armed robberies were reported, including two carjackings and one attempted carjacking.

All of the carjackings targeted young women, sparking concern among many female students at Davis High.

“As a girl, I don’t want to be in the dark alone regardless, but the robberies have definitely heightened that fear,” junior Emme Dunning said. 

Seniors Maya Nunes and Elise Jacobson agree and have both taken recent precautions to ensure their safety.

Nunes has never been fond of the dark and maintains cautious habits such as locking her car doors when she enters her vehicle. But with her recent knowledge of crime in Davis, she has increased her attentiveness, especially at night. 

In light of recent events, Jacobson decided to remove the sparkly femine adornment on her car’s license plate out of fear that it may make her a target. She also avoids being alone in the dark and looks out for friends when they walk to their cars at night.

According to Davis police Lt. Arturo Camacho, the Davis Police Department has drastically increased patrol in the affected areas of town, mainly in West Davis along Highway 113. The investigations team is working tirelessly to solve each case with the help of other departments in the county. 

“Were [women] targeted, yes, were they targeted because they are girls or because they were driving a certain kind of a car, there’s no way anybody will figure that out,” Camacho said.

Camacho also noted that the current crime rates against people in Davis have not increased or decreased and instead are quite similar to rates last year. Crime against people in Davis remains on the low end for a metropolitan area of Davis’ size. 

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