How to prepare for final exams

GRAPHIC: The results of an Instagram poll of 200 Davis High students show common locations students visit to study for exams.

By Anisha Dhakal, Editor–

With first semester’s finals coming up ahead, many students are beginning to prepare for their exams. Whether you are taking one final exam or seven, here are some tips to help you do your best.

Junior Manulya Gunasekara likes to make a study schedule and split it up into two weeks. 

“I learned from last year that waiting until the week before is not the best way to understand everything and all it really does is make things more stressful, so spreading it out helps me look at [the content] in pieces and it makes studying less overwhelming,” she said. 

Many students also organize group study sessions with their peers to help review the material. 

“It’s super helpful because then we can explain the material to each other and just saying it out loud helps me understand it better,” junior Riley Liu said.

Gunasekera and Liu both prefer to make their own detailed study guides in addition to any they receive from their teachers. 

Junior Keane Deas plans to study for his AP U.S. History final by rereading the covered chapters. 

“I’m going to read the chapters over again and actively read so I can remember the material better,” he said. 

Math teacher Kurt McCormick advises students to convince themselves that they are ready for the final. “Be confident in your abilities,” he said.

Along with endless studying, it’s essential to take breaks, eat healthy and stay well-rested to ensure you do your best on the day of the final. 

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