Exchange students learn about American culture

PHOTO: The group of Chinese students and their shadow students at Davis High say their goodbyes on Jan. 17.

By Juju Miyamoto, Staff–

After hearing about an opportunity to give her students a chance to experience Chinese culture, Chinese teacher Bin Wang got to work. A group of Chinese students visited Davis High and learned about American culture for three weeks from the beginning of the second semester.

The students visited through the program Alpha Exchange, a system that solely focuses on the exchange of students between the United States and China. Wang specifically chose Alpha Exchange due to their “rich experience” in transferring students between the U.S. and China.

“I’m really appreciative that staff and principal support [this program],” Wang said. “I really want to say thanks to everyone.”

Caesar Wang is just one of the students that visited from China. He would be equivalent to a sophomore back in his home country. 

Caesar recognizes the differences in the American school system compared to that of the Chinese. He believes DHS uses class material to apply to real world situations whereas the Chinese only teach material to be used in class. 

Senior Addison Perry has been the American counterpart Caesar shadows around school.

“He’s gotten to see what the classroom environment is like,” Perry said. 

Not only was Caesar experiencing school in the U.S., but he also got a glimpse of the culture. With his host family and other students in the program he went to visit cities in California and multiple museums during his stay. 

“We’ve also gone like shopping, and we’re going to go to a basketball game [today],” Perry said. 

Bin Wang hopes to continue this exchange program in the future to give her students a better grasp of the different cultures. 

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