JV women’s soccer loses to St. Francis

PHOTO: The Davis High JV women’s soccer team scores their second goal 78 minutes in.

By Sarah Kim and Devon Miller,

BlueDevilHUB.com Staff–

The Davis High JV women’s soccer team lost against St. Francis on Feb. 7 with a score of 2-3. The Blue Devils were minutes away from losing the game 1-3 against St. Francis when sophomore Rebecca Blum was able to make a critical shot that took Davis a step closer toward a tie. 

Davis took the field five minutes in as freshman midfielder Chloe Barr scored the first goal of the entire game. However, St. Francis quickly regained their pace and scored shortly after Barr’s goal. 

St. Francis kept their momentum going and 19 minutes into the game, they scored their second goal. Two minutes later, they scored another. 

Trying to win back the team’s original pace, Blum and freshman Lindsey Fitzpatrik collaborated together throughout the game, with Fitzpatrik in a defense position with Blum being on offense.

There were multiple opportunities for a goal for Davis with two free kicks by freshman Natalie Cordell and one by Blum, but they were all unsuccessful.  

However during the game, there were multiple honorable rallies between Davis and St. Francis. After St. Francis’ consecutive goals 19 minutes in, Davis put out a strong defense.

Cheers for Davis encourage the JV women’s soccer team as players participate on the field.

The Blue Devils scored their second goal by Blum after 73 minutes. However, Davis couldn’t take the game back with a tie as they were unsuccessful with their goal attempts for the remaining 17 minutes. 

Although JV coach Mark Torguson was not present for the JV women’s soccer game, assistant coach Gaby Herrera led the game until the end. 

Herrera expressed how valuable Blum was as a player during the game. “She just wanted to win,” Herrera said. “She had the heart today […] Because of her energy, she gave energy to the rest of the players.” 

Assistant coach Gaby Herrera shares her thoughts on the game and praises sophomore player Rebecca Blum.

Blum performed throughout the whole game with good rallies, and scored the last goal of the entire game. 

Herrera emphasized how the JV team can improve in the next game by eliminating “kickballing” part of the play. “I felt like if we can bring the ball down, we can beat them on the ground,” Herrera said.

Herrera also mentioned that she thought it was the “nerves” that heavily affected the flow during the game for Davis.

Sophomore Kylie Oosthuizen also believed the team’s performance could definitely improve. “I think if the team hustles more while playing, we can take them on next time,” Oosthuizen said. 

Even though Davis couldn’t go home with a trophy, the team looks forward to future games in the season. The Blue Devils will play Sheldon on Feb. 10.

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