Spring sports teams hold virtual senior nights and drop off gifts

PHOTO: With their spring sport seasons canceled, senior athletes will miss out on in-person senior nights and season awards.

By Jaspreet Baath,

BlueDevilHUB.com Staff–

With the school closure and cancellation of all sports for the rest of the year, seniors who participated in the spring sports senior year will  be unable to have an in-person senior night. For many senior athletes, this has been a night that they have been waiting for their entire high school career. The night is dedicated to honoring the athletes at their last home game before graduating. 

Senior Cory Kodria is on the men’s varsity volleyball team and describes his frustrations upon hearing about the cancellation. 

“I for sure feel like I am missing out on a huge high school experience. Watching my friends have their senior night for the past three years really built up hype around the event and I was looking forward to the event,” Kodria said. 

However, some teams such as swim and baseball have honored their senior athletes by holding a virtual senior night or delivering posters and gift baskets. 

The swim team collaborated with St. Francis High’s swim team to hold a joint virtual senior night where the underclassmen exchanged a few words about each senior on the team.  

Senior Graham Segel is on the varsity swim team. He was upset about the whole cancellation of the season but felt that this was a pleasant experience. 

“It was kind of sad but it was nice hearing what our peers had to say. For  us, it was nice doing it with the other team too,” Segel said. 

The baseball team, while not  having a virtual senior night, did receive posters and gift bags from their team managers Gaby Tady and Julia Garcia. 

Senior Ethan Lo is on the varsity baseball team and appreciated their thought and effort, especially due to the current circumstances. 

“Of course every senior wants to have a senior night but it is what it is [we] can’t change that now, we’re just counting on the younger guys to pick up the ropes and get a banner for us next year,” Lo said. 

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