ASB election candidates launch internet campaigns

PHOTO: ASB election candidates design graphics to campaign on social media.

By Sarah Griffiths, Staff-

Although the presidential election may have ended, ASB elections have just begun. The time has come for Davis High students to vote for next school year’s ASB officers.

Polls open Feb. 10 and close Feb. 12. All students are registered to vote, and may consult the ASB elections website for more information on candidates.

Student Government teacher Anthony Vasquez is advising all students to immerse themselves into the elections.

“Make sure to get informed, get involved and help select the best leadership for the 2021-22 school year,” Vasquez said.

Junior Mika Hinton is running for Senior Class President alongside running mate Alicia Joo. Hinton has taken part in numerous clubs and volunteer programs which she said have elevated her leadership skills. Her goal is to be a voice for the student body.

“If I’m elected next year into office, I am going to work towards more inclusivity and outreach to students through events like study groups, more senior sunrises and sunsets, socials and focusing on addressing mental health around school and bringing in speakers about this subject,” Hinton said.

Fellow junior Parker Giovannetti is running for senior class vice president. Giovannetti is interested in an ASB position because of the leadership experience and student involvement, as well as the community and friendships. He plans to tackle the constant dance ticket crisis.

“If I’m elected, I’m going to make it one of my top priorities to increase the amount of tickets being sold at dances. Every student deserves a chance to attend student events, so I see it as my duty to facilitate that,” Giovannetti said.

Underclassmen have also joined the race to represent their class. Sophomore Lindsey Fitzpatrick is running unopposed for Junior Class President. 

Already a part of Student Government, Fitzpatrick enjoys making a change around campus and making new friends with her positive attitude. 

“I would love to focus on lifting the spirits of DHS students, especially those of the [incoming] junior class who have only experienced high school through Zoom,” Fitzpatrick said.

There are many other student government positions just as important as presidents and vice presidents. Junior Alexa Folb is running for ASB Secretary. Her goal is to be a conduit of communication between the student body and administration for a smooth transition back to in-person classes. Folb believes she is the perfect candidate for this position.

“I’m hard working, I work and communicate well with others and most of all I’m just truly committed to doing a good job. I think what makes me stand out is the fact that I essentially had this exact role in my youth group for two years, so I’m experienced in almost every aspect of the ASB Secretary role,” Folb said.

During these disenchanting times, the role of Secretary of Spirit is very important. Junior Helena Wei is certain her outgoing and bubbly personality is a perfect fit for the job. Wei is interested in joining Student Government to become more involved in planning school events and working alongside other passionate students.

“Due to circumstances, it’s been really hard to feel the Blue Devil spirit and if elected, I will make sure to revive the spirit no matter where we are. I plan on doing this through more spirit weeks, which we will campaign like crazy to encourage participation, better prizes, ones people will actually keep and various after school activities where you can meet new people or catch up with old friends,” Wei said.

With the ongoing lockdown, students are taking to social media to campaign. Current ASB President Keane Deas has some advice for running candidates.

“My advice would be to be as memorable as possible, because when people vote they often forget any promises or what you said during a speech. They often end up voting for the person that stood out more to them. This includes campaigning a ton. From what I’ve noticed in the past, the candidate who campaigns more often wins,” Deas said.

Don’t forget to vote Feb. 10-12 for your favorite candidates. After advisory Wednesday, the link will be found on the elections website and on the @davishighevents Instagram page.

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