Students share advice in a back-to-school shopping guide

PHOTO: Junior Lily Rigor tries on jeans she ordered online from Urban Outfitters.

By Jihan Moon, Staff-

Before hopping into hybrid learning on April 12, some Davis High students might need to go on a mid-year back-to-school shopping spree. Here is a guide to local and online shopping options.

School Supplies

Among interviewed students, the most popular choices for school supplies are chains Target and Office Max. They both offer a variety of affordable notebooks, writing utensils, erasers and more.

“Target is pretty cheap […] but most of their supplies are not great quality,” said junior Grace Mun.

Mun suggests The Paint Chip for art supplies. “It’s a little pricey, though.”

However, if you want quality art materials for a lower price, Mun suggests Michaels in Woodland. “Michaels has a lot of variety of art supplies, plus I always get coupons for it,” Mun said.


While there are clothing store chains in Davis such as Target and TJ Maxx, a popular choice is thrifted clothes. Thrift stores, generally, offer cheaper prices and a more diverse selection. Students are able to make a more bold fashion statement by going to thrift stores.

Sophomore Katelyn Reeves gets her clothes predominantly from thrift stores.

“My go to is the Goodwill bins. It is a bit of a hidden gem. You have to pay by the pound, so it just feels like a steal to me,” Reeves said. “I also really like All Things Right & Relevant.”

Junior Lily Rigor agrees with Reeves about Goodwill. She appreciates the varied styles and range of options.

Online Options

For those worried about going into and milling about stores due to COVID-19, there are always online alternatives for both school supplies and clothes.

Rigor prefers online shopping to in-person shopping.

“It’s easier […] It is more comforting to try on clothes at home and I get a better look at the clothing,” Rigor said. “Also, there aren’t many good shopping options in Davis.”

While many of the stores previously mentioned have their own online stores, Rigor recommends other shops.

“ASOS has more basics and is cheaper, Urban Outfitters is pricier but has more interesting clothes and Levis are just good jeans,” Rigor said.

For school supplies, Target and Office Max both have online stores. Also, Amazon has a vast collection.

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