Athletes opt out of hybrid to continue playing sports

PHOTO: Jessie Finkelor sprints up the field at a scrimmage at Vista Del Lago High School on March 19.

By Caroline Chilcott, Staff–

It’s no surprise that with the opening of schools comes a higher risk of exposure to COVID-19. For this reason, several student athletes plan to continue with distance learning out of fear that a COVID-19 outbreak could keep them off the field or out of the pool.

The Davis Joint Unified School District has not specifically announced what will happen to students who come in contact with a classmate who has COVID-19.

“I cannot answer 100 percent as to what will happen if a student in a class tests positive as each case is different, however, I do know that our contact tracing team will make these decisions based on the information they collect in each case,” athletic director Jeff Lorenson said.

Because of this uncertainty, some athletes are staying out of the classroom.

Sophomore Charlotte Sloane plays women’s varsity tennis and is not planning on returning to in-person instruction.

“I feel that the risk of COVID-19 is not worth the reward of in-person learning. I think going back to school is going to put everyone at a higher risk of getting COVID19. There are many people who don’t wear their masks properly, and I think that being inside for an extended period of time, even if everyone is six feet apart, is a huge risk,” Sloane said.

The women’s varsity tennis season will be finished by April 12, when in-person instruction begins. However, Sloane says that does not impact her decision.

“Although my season will be over by then, I do think that if anyone on any high school sports team were to get COVID-19, all sports would be shut down immediately,” Sloane said.

Senior Jessie Finkelor is on the women’s varsity lacrosse team and, since she is fully vaccinated, plans to participate in hybrid

“I am not very worried about getting COVID-19, but I would hate it if me or my teammates got the virus because I definitely do not want anyone to miss any more of our season and sport than we already have,” Finkelor said.

Although the risk is low for Finkelor it is important to note that the threat of COVID19 is never completely eliminated, and the decision of returning to in-person instruction needs to be looked at closely.

”I hope that everyone is considering the athletes and students and everyone else who have been very careful throughout this pandemic before making decisions that could impact their sports and school,” Sloane said.

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