STAFF PROFILE: Academic coordinator Elodia Alvarez ensures student success

By Maria Anderson, Staff–

Davis High academic coordinator Elodia Alvarez is full of hope for students. Although she took a different path than her childhood dream of becoming a doctor, Alvarez is still fulfilling her desire of helping people by tutoring students at DHS.

Alvarez was born in Bakersfield, California and raised in the nearby town of Wasco. She is a first generation Mexican-American, as both of her parents emigrated from Mexico to Wasco.  

Mexico has always held a special place in Alcarez’s heart. When she first visited Mexico in seventh grade, she loved every moment of it. “The scenery, the people, the culture, it was all fascinating,” Alvarez said. 

Throughout her childhood, she learned valuable lessons from her parents, such as being open minded and to always make smart decisions. These lessons led her to aspire to become a doctor, specifically an OB-GYN.  

Her path changed as she began as a student at UC Davis, majoring in biochemistry and minoring in Spanish. She realized that everyone around her had been getting jobs so she applied for the tutoring position at DHS. She went to the interview and was offered the position the next day.  

After working as a tutor, she realized what she was destined to do– help and encourage students to work their hardest and never give up on their aspirations.  

Not only has she changed students’ confidence levels and made their lives better, she has changed the life of one of the most important people in her life: Francisco Pascual, her fiance. “No matter what she is always there for us.  I know that she has changed my life for the better,” Pascual said.

Three years after being hired, Alvarez is still working at DHS, tutoring students across Davis and continuing to encourage student success one step at a time.

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