STAFF PROFILE: Brown continues football passion by coaching

PHOTO: When not running his new workout routine Instagram account, coach Tyjzori Brown is out on the field.

By Syrah Chinn, Staff–

By 5:30 a.m., Tyjzori Brown is up and ready to coach on the football field. Whether he’s at Davis, Dixon or Woodland high school practices, Brown is always cheerfully greeted by his attentive students.

Brown began playing football when he was just a little boy. He continued to play with hopes of becoming a professional, though later decided that coaching was the path for him.      

He currently spends most of his time on the Davis High football field as an assistant coach where he teaches his sons along with the players on the JV team. Brown is frequently visited by Davis High football alumni who come to practice with the new players as they reminisce about their high school years. 

Brown strives to make every player feel welcome and connected. “He takes pride in his work and is always motivating the team to persevere and keep grinding,” JV player Jet Aquino said. 

“[Coaching] really does give me a reason to keep dreaming, keep believing, and keep hoping,” Brown said. “I’m glad to be a part of something that is bigger than myself.” 

As COVID-19 began, Brown found himself having much more free time. He took it upon himself to create an Instagram account, @eat.training_eliteathletic, promoting his training academy and sports equipment. 

“[The academy] is something I’ve always wanted to do but I didn’t really have the time,” Brown said. “The account has been going on for some time now and has taken off a bit.” The Instagram account currently has 1,147 followers and is active almost every day. 

Along with new online promotions, Brown also has weekly Zoom meetings with his team. During these meetings, Brown instructs players to review their routines as well as check regularly on their well-being. 

“[All of the head coaches] came together to make a plan on how to give our guys an opportunity to release themselves and to give them a mental health check in,” Brown said. 

His coaching style is admired by others on and off the field. “He’s super high energy, cool guy, upbeat. I’m not super close to him but that’s what I’ve got from our interactions,” JV player Ray Oldham said.

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