Students reflect on Lent as it ends

PHOTO: Junior Angela Voss chose to give up ice cream, her go-to late night snack, for Lent this year. 

By Grace Kishiyama, Editor–

According to Britannica, “Lent, in the Christian church is a penitential preparation for Easter.” Lent begins on Ash Wednesday and is a 40 day fast (Sundays are excluded) which replicates Jesus Christ’s fasting in the wilderness before beginning public ministry. 

During this time, people choose to give up something the way Jesus did.

“I’m pretty religious so I think [Lent] is about how you can not only give up something and sacrifice like Jesus did for everyone […]” junior Tate Cutler said.

However, some people choose to give up something to help improve their lives.

Cutler gave up watching television.

“I gave up watching TV because I was spending way too much time on it and I wasn’t spending time with my family and I was not being productive and doing things throughout the day,” he said.

Similarly, junior Megan Chiladakis gave up a feature of technology and for a similar reason as well.

She chose to give up TikTok, because it was distracting her from school work. “I thought maybe [giving up TikTok] will help me be more productive,” Chiladakis said.

Junior Angela Voss gave up ice cream, which was challenging.

“For Lent this year I gave up ice cream which was really hard because it’s my go to late night snack and I couldn’t have milkshakes or anything like that,” Voss said.

Looking back on Lent this year, all three agree that they did a good job refraining from indulging in their time consuming activities and favorite foods.

“ […] I haven’t broken down yet and had ice cream or anything so I’m proud of myself,” Voss said.

She says that giving up ice cream had a positive impact on her life.

“I feel like it made me eat healthier because I wasn’t snacking as much at night. It felt good to give up something because it made me appreciate what I gave up more,” she said.

Cutler has been able to do more things since he gave up watching TV.

“[Giving up TV] has helped me [be] able to do things that I wouldn’t have [before],” Cutler said. He said he has been able to spend more time with his family.

Chiladakis also saw the positives giving up TikTok brought. “I’ve been more productive. Since I saw the benefits I [will] try to go on it less,” Chiladakis said. 

She said she will try to go on it less during the week and more on the weekends to promote productivity.

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