New album takes the cake – Cake review

By Glenn Hull
HUB correspondent

From “Federal Funding” to “Teenage Pregnancy”, the band Cake is still coming up with interesting topics to sing about.

Cake, a band that came together in 1991 in the city of Sacramento, Calif. just released their sixth album “Showroom of Compassion”. “[Showroom of Compassion] is their best album to date, I absolutely love it” Jared Martin, a Cake enthusiast said.

They are known for John McCrea, the lead singer, and his clever wordplay along with his half spoken, half sung singing style.

The band uses a combination of ska, jazz, rock, and country elements to make their songs truly unique. There is no other band that can produce the same sound as them.

Their lyrics can be somewhat corky at times, but they make up for it with their unique style that can draw you in, and make it easy to listen for hours on end.

Cake is still producing songs that have the same style as their previous top hits, “The Distance” and “Comfort Eagles”.

Their instrumental “Teenage Pregnancy” has a magnificent piano entrance which paves the way for the rest of the beautifully played, strictly instrumental song.

Listening to Cake is like “tasting the rainbow” but for your ears.

If you are a fan of alternative forms of rock, then this new album is definitely the one for you.

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