Men’s varsity basketball comes out on top 94-81 against Grant

By Glenn Hull,
HUB Staff Writer–


The DHS men’s varsity basketball team defeated Grant High School 94-81 in a thrilling overtime game on Wednesday, Feb. 1.


The leading score changed constantly between DHS and Grant up until the fourth quarter, where Grant High’s player De’Sean Parsons sank two free throws to tie the game at 79-79 with a little over a minute left.


DHS would eventually go on to dominate Grant and clinch the win during overtime.


Tyler Sousa started off the game with a deep three-point shot that swished in and within seconds after that DHS regained the ball and went up 6-0.


DHS and Grant switched the lead many times during the course of the first half, but Davis was able to secure a 45-36 lead by halftime.


DHS came into the third quarter guns blazing and quickly dismantled Grant’s defense and achieved a lead of 64-42.


This lead did not last long. Grant soon came back from the 22 point deficit to tie it up at 75-75, which soon became 79-79.


DHS dominated the overtime, only letting Grant score two points during the four-minute period, while Davis scored 15 points.


Junior Harrison Allen- Sutter was very pleased with his team’s performance, “I think we competed well. Except for when we only scored 2 points and Grant scored 19 [during the third quarter]”.


The leading scorers consisted of Brandon Strong, Hayden Russell, and Tyler Sousa, with 16, 15, and 15 points respectively.


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