Students or gym rats?

By Meem Mohsin,
HUB Staff Writer–

Students and teachers at DHS not only like to keep up with the rush of academics, due dates, assignments, projects, clubs and outside of school activities, but maintain a healthy lifestyle with a routine as well.

Senior Gino Ferragamo attends Davis Swim and Fitness and sacrifices a lot of time in order to go to the gym every single day. He sacrifices homework time, extra-curricular, spending time with friends or family and because he tries to maintain his daily routine; which is going to the gym every day.

“I see it as an opportunity cost for myself because I could be doing other activities instead of spending two to three hours of my time going to the gym every day, but it’s a hobby that I love now. So, I don’t mind spending a few hours at the gym,” Ferragamo said.

He stopped playing lacrosse so he could pursue his own hobby of going to the gym every day. “It’s like my own sport and no one can really tell me what to do,” Ferragamo said.

“I know I’ll develop more through the years, but this is a good start for me since it helps me stay fit,” Ferragamo said. Within a year, Ferragamo  noticed he gained 35 pounds, all of which is muscle. He was motivated to keep it up.

He also uses working out as a stress relief. He claims that it really helps him take off a huge load of stress when he uses the punching bag. In order not to get extremely sore after a massive workout, he likes to drink protein shakes before working out. He drinks it in order to recover from the sore that builds up in his muscles. He uses other techniques to cool off by just resting in bed or taking ice baths. He was proud of himself for maxing out 315 pounds on the bench, and he continues to set higher goals for himself. “I am very content with my results,” Ferragamo said.

Sophomore Evan Yount goes to the gym every day because “it keeps me healthy and I really enjoy the feeling of that,” Yount said. Like Ferragamo, he sacrifices a lot of time in order to always go to the gym, approximately two hours per day.

“I love the results and I think that it’s the best motivation for me seeing all that hard work actually paid off well,” Yount said. He started lifting weights and gaining knowledge on the topic when he was 12 years old. However, he got into weightlifting and living a healthy lifestyle the following year when he completely stopped eating junk food.

Yount prefers not having a spotter even though he knows that isn’t a very safe thing to do, but he just does not feel comfortable with the idea of it. Yount does regular bench press, dumbbell press, squats, dead lifts, lat pull downs and seated cable rows.“I don’t necessarily lift weights with the goal of relieving my stress, but it definitely helps with that,” Yount said.

English teacher Eleanor Neagley works out to stay energized and to feel good. “I do, after all, have to keep up with all you “kids,” Neagley said. She wants to stay healthy and fit into her clothes. Neagley likes to feel energetic and happy so she definitely likes the outcomes of working out.

At times, life does get in the way, but she takes a good hour to an hour- and-a- half to go to the gym, which is a real commitment according to Neagley. “I do not always have that time.  Also honestly, there are times that I want to be lazy and just collapse on the sofa, but I push myself,” Neagley said.

She prefers Davis Athletic Club because she is comfortable with the environment and is good friends with the owners and staff.

“I work out on the Stairmaster and then I use the weight room. I also read junky magazines! Do not tell anyone. I am motivated by all of you who look so great! I do not want to be left behind!” Neagley said.

The students and Neagley have a main goal of working out every day to reach a healthy lifestyle as well as a healthy body. They maintain that by working out every day in order to keep their goal. The good results of working out every day keep them motivated.


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