Seniors reflect on their time at DHS

Seniors attend graduation on June 13, concluding their three years at DHS.

By Zoe Vikstrom, Staff–

Seniors spent their last few hours with the classmates with whom they have spent most of their lives on June 13 before graduation.

Before walking out onto the football field to graduate, seniors had their last chance to all be together and say goodbye while waiting in the North Gym, which was filled with music, talking and even chanting over the speakers while the seniors waited.

Some seniors nervously anticipated the walk up to the stage—not because they were about to graduate high school, but because they had been warned that the pathway was slippery.

Others felt that the practice during the morning of graduation was too rushed. “Only the first two rows of people got to practice walking up,” senior Shea Langley said.

Seniors like Anna Hodgson and Kaitlyn Honeychurch, were less excited for the graduation ceremony, and instead looking forward to their plans afterwards. “I am so excited for grad night,” Hodgson said. Grad night is an event at Emerson Junior High for graduating seniors.

“I think that taking pictures with my friends will be the best part of tonight,” Honeychurch said. Many seniors will miss DHS, especially their classmates.

“I am really going to miss seeing all of my friends in the hall, even the people I don’t know very well,” Honeychurch said.

Others will also miss their teachers. “I am going to miss my friends, and my teacher Mrs. Micheal,” Zoё Strachan said. Langley agreed that she is going to miss some of her previous teachers, as well as the unity of the high school.

Many people will miss some aspects of high school that many underclassmen complain about. “Like going to school from seven to three; I will miss that too,” Strachan said.

Tyler Roberts will even miss the features of the campus. “I am going to miss the bathrooms,” Roberts said.

Although Blue Devils are going to be scattered across America, senior Alex Sprague believes that students will be able to recall memories from their high school years if they ever need to find strength.

“After years of tears and joys of successes, tonight will make it all worth it,” Principle Brown said during his speech.

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