Ty Brown takes over Black Student Union

Seniors Rheem Fawaz,and Shahad Husien and junior Zainub Balla are members of DHS’ Black Student Union. (Courtesy photo: M. Watson)

By Irem Sogutlugil,
Bluedevilhub.com Staff–

Davis High wrestling coach, football coach and paraeducator Ty Brown has recently added the role of club adviser for the Black Student Union (BSU), alongside Gwyneth Bruch and Stanley Reese.

According to Rock Chart Central, the purpose of the BSU, which was originally founded in 1968 at the University of Washington, is to promote educational and cultural benefits for African American students.

The BSU at DHS is an avenue to seek answers and solutions to issues that are not just Davis-oriented.

“I felt it was an important platform that our black student population should have. Everyone needs a place for their voice to be heard,” Brown said.

The BSU is inclusive and welcomes people from all walks of life.

As an organization, the club is focused on improving racial relations on campus and wants to break down stereotypes that exist in the community. The BSU also works
to stress the importance of education.

“I hope to empower our youth, to teach them that they are truly the next wave of leaders, to give them an understanding of the greatness they are made of, to show them what they can be, to be independent thinkers and achievers,” Brown said.

In years past, the BSU has not really been much of a club. However, with Brown now an adviser, junior Kailey Smith foresees improvement.

“We have an agenda and it seems way more on topic. And he’s super enthusiastic which makes the club really fun,” said Smith, who anticipates Brown will guide the fundraising and school club protocol aspects.

She appreciates Brown’s efforts.

“He focuses not just on us in the club but also on building character and becoming good people and students,” Smith said.

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