Street Food Rodeo satisfies community

The Cali Love Food Truck boasted "Sacramento's Best Reuben," which was also recommended by junior Anna Young.
The Cali Love Food Truck boasted “Sacramento’s Best Reuben,” which was also recommended by junior Anna Young.

By Annabelle Zhou, Editor–

The Street Food Rodeo rolled into town to satisfy a community hungry for good food and a good time on Friday, May 20.

Vendors rode into Westlake Plaza in 12 food trucks offering a variety of culinary delights for Davisites to munch on. Within a few steps, taste buds could be transported across the world from La Kora Taqueria’s fresh Mexican food and homemade tortillas, to Slightly Skewed’s Asian-styled skewers, to Fuzion Eatz’s Mediterranean and Middle Eastern flavors.

Other options included Bacon MANia, Cali Love, Puros Churros, The Sweet Spot Baking Company, Smokers Wild BBQ, Brunch Boys, Hefty Gyros, Drewskis Hot Rod Kitchen, Culinerdy Cruzer and OMG Yogurt bringing Disneyland’s infamous dole whip to town.

Many customers, like Davis High juniors Anna Young and Esther Wang, were returning fans from past years.

“I think the most appealing thing about food trucks is just the fact that you know people are cooking your food right in front of you so when you get it it’s still hot and guaranteed to be fresh,” Wang said.

“I’ve gone to the event before so I know that the food would be good and the atmosphere would be enjoyable,” she added.

Live music by local Americana band the Bottom Dwellers entertained folks milling about. Hay bales were also set out as seats for the audience. The performance of a hoop-dancer and free body painting also added a dash of color to the venue.

The colder weather did not deter customers from lining up for good food.
The colder weather did not deter customers from lining up for good food.

As part of the Davis Bike Month, the city of Davis provided a free bike valet to encourage green transportation. The gray skies, however, may have dimmed desires to bike. The rain didn’t stop visitors from lining the streets several blocks down with cars, though.

“I think the weather enhanced the experience honestly. Even though it’s pouring and thundering outside and you’re suffering, everyone else is suffering with you. And that makes it not as bad and just bonds all these strangers together,” Young said. “For example, my friend and I were waiting in line getting absolutely drenched and these people behind us shared their umbrella with us until we could get under some covering and it was just so kind.”

After finally reaching the front of the line, the high prices were a little hard to swallow–$10 to $20 a meal for many vendors–but it was a small price to pay to support of small businesses and treat oneself.

Either way, no purchase was necessary to enjoy the event.

“There’s live music playing and everything smells great and everyone’s happy and it’s really just a great time,” Young said.

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