Men’s basketball senior night

The men’s JV basketball team lines up in rows and watches as senior teammates smile alongside their family members and Davis High staff.

By Claire Williams and Ryan Tilmatine, Staff–

On Feb. 15, the seniors on the men’s varsity basketball team were recognized alongside their family before their last game.

The heartwarming night began with the JV men’s basketball team lining up in rows on the court, forming a path for the seniors and their families to walk through in honor.

The first senior to be announced was Ben Bergevin, who has been playing basketball for Davis High for four years, and varsity for three.

As he walked with his family down the path, the announcer explained what the future entails for each senior, such as where they plan to go to college, what they plan to study and if they will be committing to any sports while away in college.

The next senior who was announced was #33 Peter DeBello, who was finishing his first year as a varsity player. DeBello will be majoring in anthropology for the next year in college.

Afterwards came #44 Rowan Hart and his family. As him and his family walk down the aisle, the announcer explained to the crowd that Rowan will not be playing basketball in college, but is in fact going Division 1 for another sport: lacrosse.

Tyler Mundy, alongside his father, mother and younger brother Derek was the next senior to walk down the aisle. At the end of it, the family smiled for a picture with the athletic officials of DHS.

Next up are seniors Greg Silver followed by Ryan Strong, alongside their mothers and fathers as they walk in front of the audience and their fellow teammates, flower bouquets in hand.

Nathan Critchfield, a junior on the men’s varsity team, takes pride in playing this season with this year’s set of seniors.

“All the seniors went out there everyday at practice and played as hard as they could and that’s really what it’s about,” Critchfield said.


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