Students receive Academic Center Awards awards for achievements

    Sophomore Abdel Rahman Ibrahim accepts his Academic Center Award.

By Claire Stevens and Olivia Quesada, Staff–

The Academic Center held monthly Academic Center Awards on Friday, Feb. 17 to recognize students for their outstanding achievement.

Academic Center supervisor Marie Michel gave a few words before giving out the awards. She recognized the college student tutors at the Academic Center who are crucial in its success.

Academic Center tutors, Davis High staff, student award recipients and parents gathered in the Academic Center at lunch to show their support for students who frequent the center and get help from the tutors provided by them. Principal Will Brown and Superintendent John Bowes were both present.

10 students were recognized and called up one by one to accept their certificate. Receiving the award was Cartez Davis, Reemaa Sajad, Apoorwa Giri, Erika Faith, Fabian Lopez, Nona Bettencourt, Tiffany Miras, Alejandra Campos, Natalie Portillo and Abdel Rahman Ibrahim.

Each award recipient was announced and shook hands with Michel. They were then presented with a certificate, $10 gift card and rubric.

The tutors select students based on five categories: attendance, assignments, grades, effort and organization.

Each student was met with applause as they accepted their award.

After the awards were all handed out, Michel again thanked everyone involved and then passed the floor off to Brown.

In his speech, Brown praised the Academic Center.

“[The Academic Center] exemplifies why we send kids to school and what we hope you will become in your lives,” Brown said.

He also thanked Michel, the tutors and the parents.

He spoke of the spirit of the students being honored with awards.

“Some things come easy. Some things are more difficult, and when you run into the more difficult things, you know you have to grit it out,” Brown said.

Afterwards, there was pizza and beverages for the award recipients to enjoy.

Junior Reemaa Sajad goes to the center four to five times a week to get help from the tutors and to work on assignments. Sajad’s mother who was in attendance with her said the center was “very supportive.” Sajad seconded that, saying it’s “better to come here than to struggle on your own.”

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