Prom preparations in full swing

The prom committee rifles through hundreds of pages of prom inspiration using popular magazines.

By Tarin McMorrow, Staff–

Prom might be the epitome of the American high school experience and Senior Ball is the celebratory event that Davis kids are able to experience when their twelve years of schooling come to a close. Not only is it the formal event associated with the end of senior year but it is also the only schoolwide formal taking place off-campus.

But the prom planning process is set in motion long before the actual event can take place.

Senior Ball is planned primarily by the Senior Class President Sam Moore and Senior Class Vice President Maya McHale. Moore and McHale were able to attend last year’s prom in order to fully understand the event they would be responsible for the following year.

“I think it will help the planning and set up of this year go a lot smoother since we were able to experience it last year,” McHale said.

“We understand what changes need to be made,” Moore said.

Although there are always general components to the planning procedure such as a DJ, food and venue, this year there will be a new component added. Moore and McHale wanted to do more than hand out a vague ballot listing off theme titles and so they have been working hard to create “dream boards” for their top three theme ideas.

These dream boards will be on display on March 16 in the quad. They will showcase different aspects of the theme such as what decorations and props might be included as well as the general color scheme. Moore and McHale will be present at the voting and available to answer any potential questions that students have.

“This way the people who truly care about prom and the theme get the chance to come and really be part of the process,” Moore said. The display with the most votes will be the winning theme.

Moore and McHale have been working hard on all aspects of prom since last June and are anxious to see how everything will pan out.

“I’m excited to see all the ideas come to life,” McHale said.

They understand the concerns that are often associated with prom but encourage all seniors to attend, and for those who have been before, hope that that students realize that with each year comes new alterations. In addition to having a new DJ, prom this year will be at a new venue. It will be taking place at the Hyatt Regency in Sacramento instead of the Sheraton Grand, where it has been the past couple of years.

“For people who went before, it is going to be at a new venue, it is a new theme, it is hopefully going to be a whole new experience so no one will feel like they are just going to the same prom,” McHale explained.

“Prom is so unique to high school, you’re not going to have another senior ball,” Moore emphasized, “I really encourage people who are worried about not going or are worried about a date or a dress to just be excited for the fact that this is our last year and it’s a big celebration of your four years of high school.”

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    I’m on the 2017 Grad Night Committee (Publicity Chair). We have been doing a lot of outreach to parents about buying tickets for grad night, etc. but we’d like to get the word out to seniors too. I’m wondering if the Hub would consider running an article about Grad Night or even just running an “advertisement” blurb about grad night that includes a link to ticket purchasing on the site. I wasn’t sure who to contact since I couldn’t find a general contact form on the website. can someone please respond to me and point me in the right direction? Thank you!

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    Hi Ahna,

    Thank you for the feedback. You can reach us at with further questions. In the meantime, we will suggest your story idea. Thank you again!

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