REVIEW: TeaOne just another bubble tea store

People lined up for TeaOne’s grand opening and on the following day for the buy one get one free deal.

By Annabelle Zhou, Editor–

The space left by former bubble tea shop Bambu has been replaced by yet another one– this time called “TeaOne.”

The layout of the space has been kept virtually identical to Bambu’s. But whether TeaOne’s level of success will match Bambu’s has yet to be seen.

TeaOne’s grand opening debuted on Friday, May 5 and the celebration continued on to Saturday. The storefront was framed by colorful balloons and a “Grand Opening” poster. A line also extended out the door, with people eager to take advantage of the buy one, get one free deal on these two days.

The first 10 customers each day received a free bottle drink.

The tall and skinny bottle drinks can also be purchased for $5 for a nicer aesthetic look, but also ultimately less tea.

As with many newer bubble tea shops, there is an option to adjust sweetness and ice levels.

Aside from tea, the boba shop also sell a few snacks, coffee and smoothies.

I got in line with a friend expecting to buy one and get one free for my friend, but TeaOne did things a little differently.

On the counter where order numbers were called out was a stacked pyramid of pre-made Jade Pearl milk tea. As people collected their orders, a tea from the stack was removed and given out as the free cup.

I usually order a basic Thai milk tea but I decided to try something new in the Mango milk tea, which actually had fine chunks of mango in it.

The tapioca to drink ratio was very high. Tapioca balls filled almost half of the drink and one sip carried around three tapioca balls into my mouth. After the drink was finished, many tapioca balls were still left over for me to fish out.

Despite the large quantity of tapioca balls, the quality of them was not sacrificed. They were of a soft texture, easy to bite into and not too sticky or hard.

The tea itself was average and the flavor did not stand out too me, either in a particularly positive or negative way.

Unfortunately, TeaOne will not become the one and only bubble tea place I frequent. But I will still likely return.

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