Exchange student Salvatici visits from Italy

By Summer Tran, Staff–

From 6,212 miles away, Italian exchange student Pietro Salvatici will call Davis home until December.

Salvatici moved to Davis with his family just a couple days before his senior year began.

“I was scared it was going to be difficult, but it wasn’t,” Salvatici said.

With the help of his peers, his nervousness during the first week of school quickly dissipated as he always felt like he had someone to talk to and show him around campus.

Having spent six months in Washington D.C., Salvatici does not feel completely new to the country. Despite visiting the nation’s capital, his favorite thing in the United States so far is Davis High, the first American high school he has ever seen.

“It is amazing compared to [an] Italian [high school],” Salvatici said.

To him, the comparisons in the campuses and staff members are apparent. At his school in Italy, teachers are the ones who rotate every period while students stay in one classroom.

In addition, Salvatici likes how the DHS teachers take the time to connect and make sure their students understand the material.

“I’ve never seen students in such good terms with teachers,” Salvatici said.

Despite his positive experiences so far, Davis was not his first choice of cities to live in. However, with an interest of living abroad, he decided to tag along with his father when he received a work opportunity in Davis.

“I like the idea of getting to know another country and a different society,” Salvatici said.

With his new friends, he often goes for lunch and observes the “young city.”

Salvatici has even made an effort to fit right in to the bike-friendly town, as he as taken up the activity which he was never able to do in Italy.

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