Gals gleam on “Galentine’s Day”

By Maggie Warren, Staff–

Valentine’s Day is thought to be only for couples and their romantic endeavors, however the day is now sharing the spotlight with a fun, creative holiday: Galentine’s Day.

Galentine’s Day is celebrated on Feb. 13. It is a day to celebrate friendship and is mainly celebrated among women.

Senior Phoebe Levine and her friends had a Galentine’s Day party this year. “I thought it would be a super fun way to get the friends together and have a good time,” Levine said.

The party wafted baked goods, loud music and a lot of laughs. “We all baked and decorated cookies and it was super fun,” senior Ellery McIsaac said.

Galentine’s Day is about doing what you and your besties enjoying doing the most. In this case, the group sat around chatting and watching movies.

“It doesn’t get any better. It was an excuse to have fun and we did,” senior Maddie Tomasello said.

There are no rules to Galentine’s Day. Single or not.

Having Galentine’s Day fall a day before Valentine’s Day is beneficial to the people with significant others, but also want to make time to hang out with their besties.

“Being in a relationship, I wanted to spend Valentine’s Day with my boyfriend. But I really wanted to have a Galentine’s get together. I basically had two back to back days of fun,” Levine said.

Everyone agreed that they would love to have a Galentine’s Day party again.

“It’s important to spend time with your significant others, but you gotta make time for the girls,” senior Vera Resendez said.

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