For some, quarter two means four Zoom classes

By Stephanie Thompson Staff –

With quarter two in progress, students at Davis High are continuing to adapt to the changed schedule. This quarter, students have periods one, three, five and seven. Most students have three classes, but–with a period seven–some have four. 

Junior Eliana Oppenheim is currently taking four classes: American Literature Honors, Integrated Mathematics 3, Sustainable Agriculture and psychology. Although quarter two started fairly recently, Oppenheim likes her classes.

“Online learning is okay, it’s just hard to stay focused when doing homework, and sometimes it’s difficult to start projects without procrastinating,” Oppenheim said. 

She likes to start homework right after class so that she can do other activities during the day, like watching a movie or working out. Having all of the assignments right on the computer makes it easy to get them out of the way, but for Oppenheim, “[homework is] hard to track sometimes, and technical difficulties can result in late work or missing assignments even if you completed them.”

For sophomore Zachary Meyers, his first year of high school is online. “[Classes are] harder than last quarter. [There are] more classes and more difficult one as well compared to quarter one”, Meyers said. 

Meyers likes to have an organized system set in place for the day, with some sections of time dedicated to working on homework, and others dedicated to or other activities. 

He wishes that school could be in-person, because “I want to interact with people more, talk to friends [and] meet new people,” Meyers said.

Junior Maya Belk finds this quarter easier than quarter, despite having more classes. “It seems like a lot, but ceramics and Jazz Choir aren’t actually that much work because they’re electives, so… it’s honestly like I have two-and-a-half classes,” Belk said. 

During the day, Belk works at Swim America. If she finds time to fit homework in, she will try to get some done, but the majority of homework is completed at night. 

“I find that I procrastinate during the day, so at night I’m like, ‘you have to get this done now’, and so I’ll work,” Belk said.

Although distance learning has taken a toll on most people, there are still things that people enjoy about being able to stay home. 

“Definitely being able to be around my family more, because I’m very close with them now. I was close with them before, but I’m super close with them now,” Belk said.

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