STAFF PROFILE: Davis High welcomes new math teacher this school year

By Emily Prussel, Staff–

Scott Seaward, a math enthusiast since eighth grade, began his first year teaching at Davis High this school year. 

Seaward’s spark for math began when he was in middle school. He was inspired by his eighth grade math teacher. “He would always tell stories and was able to connect the stories to real life,” Seaward said. 

Math was something Seaward excelled at as well. He enjoyed helping his friends which made him want to keep teaching math so he could help students learn and achieve success in the classroom. 

Seaward began as a substitute teacher at Harper Junior High and eventually became a long-term substitute at Emerson Junior High. The majority of classes Seaward substituted for were ninth grade classes.

“I knew the students and that made it easy to do. I felt like I really bonded with those students and they appreciated me because I knew the material and was able to help them. Seeing those students four years later as graduating seniors is something very special to me,” Seaward said.

During distance learning, Seaward has been experimenting with new ways to keep math exciting and interesting. “It has really been about trying new things and seeing what works,” Seaward said. 

His own experience as a student athlete has shaped him as a teacher. He was part of the water polo and swim team at his high school in Texas. Being a part of sports has taught him lessons of working hard and self accountability which he is able to pass on to his students.  

When he is not teaching math, Seaward enjoys playing games of all types. He has a large board game collection and started participating in fantasy sports last year.

He describes his experience so far at DHS as exciting. “Everyone has been really helpful and welcoming,” Seaward said.   

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