Back to school snapshots: Students and teachers return to school

By Anisha Dhakal, Declan Fee, Bridget Nagle and Sophia Young, Staff–

PHOTO: Students and teachers once again walk the halls of Davis High.

Davis High students and teachers headed back to in-person school starting Monday, April 12.

With internet issues and the challenging task of simulcasting for teachers, the first couple weeks of the new schedule have been a somewhat difficult transition. However, for the first time in over a year, students have been able to sit together in the same classroom and see each other in the halls.

As DHS settles into hybrid learning, students and teachers reflect on the transition to the new schedule.

Manulya Gunasekera

Senior Manulya Gunasekara had an exciting first day of in-person school after a year of distance learning. 

“I was excited to see everyone after so long and I was a little nervous to see how it’s going to be now that we’re all going to be at school at the same time,” Gunasekara said.

Gunasekara decided not to go back-to-school shopping for supplies due to the uncertainty for what to expect on the first day back. Besides some basic supplies of pencils, paper and pens, this time Gunasekara also has to bring in her laptop for the simulcasted classes to accommodate for both in-person and distance learners. 

One issue for many students including Gunasekara is keeping their laptop powered throughout the school day due to their short battery life. 

“My laptop lasts 30 minutes before it just completely runs out of battery so hopefully, I’ll be able to sit by a wall charger or else I might just end up going back to distance learning.” 

Despite this, she remains enthusiastic about changing up her daily schedule and going to school. 

Ethan Shroeder 

Senior Ethan Shroeder has prepared his backpack with this chromebook, charger, airpods and notebook to be ready for his first day back. 

“I was excited to see everyone but nervous to go back after so long,” Shroeder said.

Shroeder decided to go to Pacsun for some new back-to-school outfits. Additionally, he bought a new laptop case to safely transport his laptop to school everyday. 

As a Friendship Day Faciliatitor, Shroeder was a part of the welcoming committee that was  spread out throughout the various entrances of the highschool. 

“It’s definitely a nice change and I enjoy having something to look forward to everyday that’s a consistent schedule. I hope that everyone has a smooth transition back to school and that I see everyone at the friendship day event later this month,” Shroeder said. 

Owen Buzbee

“I’m super excited to be back at school”

- Owen Buzbee, DHS sophomore

Greta Farnum

"I had a lot of fun. It was really great to see my friends and meet my teachers and I’m excited to see how the rest of the year will go."

- Greta Farnum, DHS junior

“It feels different. It was nice seeing people again but it’s hard to keep separate from them.”

- Mikayla Hernandez, DHS sophomore

Jonathan Langberg

"Overall, it went better than I thought it would. I was super nervous for 1st period, but I’m lucky that my students are generally really good this quarter. We’ll see how it goes tomorrow when we try to do some actual science."

- Jonathan Langberg, DHS science teacher

“I was super impressed with everybody, in terms of coming in, keeping a safe distance, and wearing masks.”

- Kristin Swanstrom, DHS social studies teacher

"It's really great to be back, even with the combined schedules, and make all of the connections we couldn’t before.”

- Timothy Nelson, DHS Spanish teacher

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