JV women’s basketball comes alive to beat Yuba City

By Jade Miller,

HUB Correspondent-

The women’s JV basketball team came alive when the game shot off with the first buzzer ring. Sneakers immediately start scuffling around the gym floor, making abrupt squeaking sounds that bound off the walls.

The game started off well, and point after point the team kept the energy flowing and audience members interested during there January 5  game against Yuba City.

The game began with a point from Julia Zabala, who whipped through player after player, running with great speed towards the hoop.

“We really wanted to win this one,”  Jamie Bautista said.

The game sustained with the DHS team staying ahead. Sofie Seng  helped out the team with 14 points total, leaving the half time score at 32 – 22, Davis.

“Sofie had an outstanding game, and scored the most points out of anybody,” Cordano said.

Yuba City started regaining some momentum and scored a few more points in the third quarter.

Yuba’s number 7 dipped through Davis’ Alaina King, and, wiping a trail of sweat off her forehead, leapt for the goal. Eyes on her and with the flick of a wrist, the ball rebounded off of the backboard and, without a moment’s notice, back into the hoop.

This caused the Yuba City players to jump around ecstatically and gain more momentum.

“One thing that the team could work on is making sure that we start out strong every game, as well as winning every quarter,” Bautista said.

Alaina King snapped back into the game, stealing the ball from Y.C. She passed to number 15, only to get it thrown back after 5 feet. She dipped, ducked, and dodged her opponents and their flailing limbs. She heaved the ball towards the net, and scored.

“Seng and I each made fourteen points, Essence Moore had eleven rebounds, and I had 8 steals. It was a great game over all,” King said.

The game ended with a bang and a celebrated DHS team with their win of 66 – 51.

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