Women’s tennis finishes league play with victory


By Ji-yun Park,

HUB Correspondent–

The Davis High women’s varsity tennis team shut out Laguna Creek on Oct. 24, with a 9-0 victory in its last league match. The whole match had six single and three double games.

Head coach Sally Hosley came to support the team, although she has recently been absent due to medical issues. “I’ve been coaching for four years. It is wonderful to have this team. I raised three sons so these 24 girls are a gift to me,” Hosely said.

Because the team already clinched a spot in sectionals with its standout performance in league, the DHS players carried their rackets with confidence because they knew this match was one they did not need to win.

“This is our last league match. We’re playing over the weakest team so we should do fine,” Hosley said.

Senior captain Cat Archer secured two victories (6-1 and 6-2) in her singles games. She is the only senior on the team, so the Senior Night ceremony was all about her.

“I’ve been playing since I was five. Watching my mom and sister made me want to start tennis,” Archer said. “It’s fun and I like the people playing. Today I played well. I thought it was a good match.”

Archer’s teammates respect their captain. “Archer is a talented player. She has good sportsmanship even to the people we are up against,” sophomore Soomi Yoo said.

Junior co-captain Megan Ewens and junior Angela Felmkng won their double games 6-0 and 6-0 in straight sets.

“I played well and showed a lot of strength. It was an easy game,” Felmkng said. “Megan and I are confident double partners. I’m excited for where we’re going to go from now.”

Felmkng added that she has a lot of love for her team. “We all have mixed personalities but we show the same love for tennis. We bond together well and it’s good to have a team that supports each other,” Felmkng said.

Assistant coach Brett Stone was also pleased.

“The players did so well. We’ve been practicing so hard this week working on techniques. They did so well applying what we’ve been working on. It’s a smart team,” Stone said.

On Oct. 23, the team won both scrimmages against McClatchy High School, one of their toughest opponents. Prior to the scrimmages, the athletes did not feel ready for the anticipated level of competition, but after the victories the players approached Thursday’s game with confidence.

According to Stone, the team was relieved about playing the low-pressure match against Laguna Creek. “We weren’t worried,” he said.

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