Friends and students remember graduate Chris Argumedo

Chris Argumedo
Class of 2014 graduate Christopher Argumedo passed away on July 16. Courtesy photo.

By Sarah Garrett, Editor-in-chief–

After the recent passing of Davis High Class of 2014 graduate Christopher Argumedo, many of his friends are left with memories of his joyful smile and lighthearted personality.

Argumedo died on July 19, after suffering from serious head injuries due to falling off the back of a moving car earlier that week.

Argumedo left many close friends behind, including graduate Ashley Dufresne. Dufresne and Argumedo became friends in junior high and have been close ever since.

“It didn’t really matter what we were doing,” Dufresne said. “It was always a good time.”

Another good friend of Argumedo, graduate Nikki Ivester, agrees that she always had a great time whenever she was around Argumedo.

“He was someone you were never bored around, ever,” Ivester said. “He was really just a larger than life person.”

Dufresne remembers Argumedo and his love for sandwiches. He would frequently go to her house unannounced just to use her panini grill.

“He’d always just walk into my house and go straight to the kitchen,” Dufresne said.

For Argumedo’s 18th birthday last September, Dufresne’s family bought him his very own panini grill, along with bulk amounts of bread, meat and mayonnaise.

“He was so happy,” Dufresne said.

Another one of Argumedo’s friends, graduate Tarah Kalinen, will never forget his smile or his laugh.

“He has all these different laughs, and this grinch laugh,” Kalinen said. “Whenever I was feeling down I would be like, ‘Chris do your grinch laugh!’”

According to his friends, Argumedo was an amazing friend who always had their backs. He also never failed to greet them with a smile and a hug.

Many people remember Argumedo for always driving down the sophomore walk at lunch. Even as a senior, he loved speeding down the “soph walk” and blasting music to mess with the underclassmen.

“It was his favorite thing,” Dufresne said. “He’d put his shades down and lean his chair back.”

There is an online support fund to help Argumedo’s family with this difficult time. Donations can be made here.

“Christopher did all these stupid things and never got hurt or anything,” Dufresne said. “You’d never think this would happen.”


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