Candidates make their pitches at election assembly

The student government candidates take turns speaking to the sophomore and junior classes in the North Gym.
The student government candidates take turns speaking to the sophomore and junior classes in the North Gym.

By Thomas Oide, Staff–

The junior and sophomore classes packed the North Gym for the election assembly for the 2015-2016 school year on Monday, Feb. 2.

Candidates for the offices of ASB Vice President, ASB Treasurer, Communications Commissioner and the class presidents all gave speeches. Four people ran unopposed and have already secured their places in office: Teddy Knox (ASB President), Samantha Moore (ASB Secretary), Winston Tran (School Board Representative) and Hunter Morse (Clubs Commissioner).

Current ASB president Annie Leck said that the election assembly was important for students’ voices to be heard.

“It’s important because everybody got a chance to speak about what they want to do with their positions,” Leck said. “That way, everybody is informed about it and isn’t just about knowing people. If you just know one of the candidates, you get to hear the other candidates as well.”

Some ideas that came up during the speech were a DHS snapchat account and biweekly spending reports to let the student body have input on how student government spends their funds.

The candidates used several different techniques in their speeches. ASB Vice President candidate Sam Goidell got the crowd laughing by opening his speech with, “They say politicians don’t have souls. So if I’m a ginger, I guess I’m qualified.”

Mo Zheng, a senior class vice presidential candidate, also got the crowd fired up. Clad in a Batman onesie, Zheng started his impassioned speech by ripping up his notes.

“I don’t need a script!” he shouted. “We’ll write our own scripts next year!”

Zheng paced around the floor of the gym, which was a good way for him to calm his nerves.

“I was pretty nervous; I’m always pretty nervous when I do things like this,” Zheng said. “Walking around lets me get rid of my nerves. Being expressive, moving around and having a good time really helped me.”

Voting will take place at lunch on Feb. 5 and 6 in C-4, and Leck hopes that all DHS sophomores and juniors vote so that their voices are heard.

“If you want to see something changed at the school, and you think someone will do a good job of invoking that change, you should exercise your right to have a say,” she said.

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