Seniors ditch school for annual holiday

Leona Craig and her friends spent the day climbing mountains and enjoying the view at Dillon Beach.
Leona Craig and her friends spent the day climbing mountains and enjoying the view at Dillon Beach. Courtesy photo by Leona Craig.

By Kacey Hsu, Staff–

Seniors took the day off from school and spent their day going on adventures on the unofficial “Senior Ditch Day” holiday, on May 22.

Senior Leona Craig and friends started their Ditch Day early in the morning, leaving Davis at around 7:30 to beat the traffic to Dillon Beach.

“We brought homemade sandwiches, a whole bunch of snacks and activities like a volleyball net, football and frisbee,” Craig said. In addition, Craig and her friends also enjoyed “climbing the rocks and looking out at the foggy beach morning.”

Despite the awful traffic on the way back home, Craig enjoyed the day.

“It was a wonderful way to take a quick breather from school,” she said.

Senior Juliana Zatz-Watkins and her friends made their way to the Bay Area and spent a little time on the beach as well.

“First we went to Mount Sutro Forest and hiked around for a couple of hours and had lunch at ‘The Sandwich Spot,’” Zatz-Watkins said. She and her friends shopped around the Chestnut Street area, and later visited the local food truck festival called “Off the Grid.”

Following the day’s activities, they finished their afternoon in San Francisco at the beach, enjoying the scene and each other’s company.

In contrast to the beach days, senior Rohan Mohapatra spent his morning volunteering at the soup kitchen where he made food for the less fortunate.

“I did this until 12 and then assisted my mother at work by making her food and bringing it to her, and filing her papers,” he said.

Later in the evening, Mohapatra made his way to the airport to chauffeur his father home from the airport.

Like Mohapatra, senior Isabella Sanders took a different approach to the exciting expectations of Senior Ditch Day. Instead of taking a day trip, Sanders spent the afternoon with her friend. They had a relaxing day and took it easy by going out for lunch.

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