Men’s volleyball serves up a win against Sheldon

By Lauren Wienker, Staff–

The Davis High men’s volleyball team met Sheldon on the court for the first time this season on Tuesday, March 29, and came away with a 3-1 win.

The first set started off in DHS’ favor, and the Devils spiked their way to a 13-point lead before the Huskies landed their first. The team had good communication and great teamwork while keeping the ball from hitting the floor.

Senior Nick Simmons played superb offense, while junior Nathan Kong had phenomenal serves, supported by junior Hunter Sprague’s solid blocks. Junior Max Sprague used a unique technique when he laid down on his back to pass the ball to another team member.

In a close second set, Davis fell short, 24-26. 

With support from teammates on the bench–junior Jason Cuchera stood up and started yelling “unstoppable” to his team–DHS came out on top 25-17 in the third set.

But between sets three and four, there was drama on the court. The second referee did not like the alleged excessive cheering from the Devil bench and went over to the main referee to protest. The referees argued over whether it was legal for the team to be getting up and cheering, and if basketball rules about sportsmanship applied to volleyball.

Meanwhile, a Davis parent who had been criticizing the main referee was ejected by head coach Liz Serra-Hsu after the main referee told her that if the parent didn’t leave, the game would be forfeited.

After a prolonged break and much confusion, everything was resolved and the game went on.

During the fourth set, DHS players on the bench quietly encouraged their teammates with whispers. When they pulled ahead and won 25-15, the team swarmed around Cuchera, who had been put in for the last few plays, in celebration.

Serra-Hsu was happy with the Devils’ performance.

“They played really well as a team, having different people in different positions, kind of mixing things up,” Serra-Hsu said.

Junior Hunter Sprague was also proud of his team, but admitted that they had things to improve on.

“We need to make sure if we win the first [set] we don’t come in cocky again so that we have the good energy. But it’s more just individual improvements; as a team we really come together and put a lot of energy on the court,” he said.

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