satirizes DHS campus

“” separates its stories by whether they describe students, parents or teachers rather than dividing stories into the traditional journalism sections.

By Albert Hu, Editor–

With articles similar to the “The Onion,” “” is a news website that satirizes the everyday life of a Davis High student.

Visiting the website brings up a WordPress style page, with tabs on the top similar to “,” separating stories describing students, parents and teachers. Moreover, the site has a tab describing its fictional authors, including “Ron Burgundy”, “Chuck Yeager” and “James Balthazar Angle.”

Senior Caleb Young is the creator of “”

“I decided to start the site in the spur of the moment at the start of the school year because there’s always been things [in this community] that have bothered me; this is my way of making fun of them,” Young said.

Young believes the site is unique in its ability to articulate and satirize quirky aspects of ordinary life at DHS that most of the time go unnoticed.

“Davis and DHS have a unique culture, with students who perpetuate that culture. The site is special in how we describe that culture as well as make fun of it,” Young said.

According to Young, the website first began as just a side project to show his friends, but since the creation of its Instagram account and the addition of graphics, the site has “really took off,” amassing hundreds of followers on instagram.

“Now that we have over 400 followers, a decent chunk of DHS, I hear about [my site] in the hallways and it’s pretty funny since some people don’t realize the articles are fake,” Caleb said. “I remember when we published one article and some people thought the vending machine was actually going to be moved.”

Senior Chelsea Ji is a regular reader of the inquirer. Ji asserts that the site is “the best piece of satire I’ve ever read, [because] the articles are relatable and make fun of a lot of things on academic pressure and on parents and faculty at [DHS].”

In addition, Ji thinks the way things are exaggerated on the site makes it funny, especially when “weird” things like “the principal standing outside everyday during passing period” are pointed out.

Senior Yifan Wei agrees with Ji.

“I think it’s pretty funny. It’s relatable and you can see that type of stuff around the school, like helicopter parents or the kids in Zoology trying to collect bugs,” Wei said.

Wei’s mainly views the headlines of the inquirer’s stories through its Instagram graphics, but also appreciates the articles.

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