Candidates speak at assembly for school elections

Candidates await their turn to give their speeches.

By Molly Burke, Staff–

On Monday, ASB President Albert Hu and ASB Vice President Lauren Giovanetti hosted the elections assembly for the 2018-19 ASB executive board positions. The assembly was held between 2nd and 3rd periods in the North Gym.

Each candidate had a minute to speak and show they were the most qualified.

The candidates for ASB President include Hayley Benson, Carina Fettinger, Rachal Hedman and Kenneth Wang, all juniors.

Benson promised new bathrooms and better dances, ending her speech in a mic drop. Fettinger emphasized school spirit while Hedman vowed for better relations between Student Government and clubs. Wang wanted to integrate more technology into the school and ended his speech with a rap.

ASB Vice President candidates are Will Ewens and Jake Goidell, also juniors.

Sophomores Bela Acosta, Cory Kodira and Ben Skinner are competing for school board representative. Skinner and Kodira shook hands and Skinner publicly apologized for being “too savage with [his] memes” on his posters.

Sophomore Maya Dhond and junior Maraia Taquiri, candidates for secretary of spirit, both talked about having Blue Devil pride and spirit at games for the following year.

Communications commissioner, who is in charge of social media and the Potty Press, is a popular position with four candidates: sophomores Sophia Fingerman and Cat Nguyen, and juniors Gabby Lester and Jazmin Roberts.

Sophomores Sydney Moore and Graham Segel are running for ASB secretary, with Moore citing her typing practice as a qualification.

Sophomores Eliot Liederman and Colin Fitzpatrick are uncontested for clubs commisioner and ASB treasurer, respectively, and did not speak.

Juniors Allison Ayers and Zach Ringer are both running for senior class president and Ringer ended his speech with a back handspring after the crowd chanted “Do a flip!”

Senior class vice president candidates are junior Sean O’Hara and Aaron Margolis, and sophomores Catie Fee and Sandy McGlothlin are running for junior class president.

Lastly, sophomores Jack Carsel and Sophie Purves are competing for junior class vice president. Both emphasized having a better Winter Ball for the next school year. 

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