On time to success

Biking to school can save time by avoiding the traffic going into the parking lot.

By Annie Cui,
BlueDevilHUB.com Staff–

The school time transition to 8:15 a.m. from the junior highs can be tough to get used to, even if it be a later start than the prior 7:45. Especially with the increased amount of cars going into the parking lot, it takes both sunrise wakeups and strategic planning to arrive on time. Being on time is expected by students and prevents bad impressions.

According to the Davis High planner, three unexcused tardies results in a referral to administration, phone call and email to parents and one detention. The detentions increase after more tardies and a student’s tardy count only restarts after each semester.

If a student is late to first period by less than 30 minutes, they go straight to class (if unexcused), but longer than that, they must report to the attendance office window first.

In reality, the importance of being late all depends on the teacher. Some teachers are more lenient while some mix in their own punishments. However, without knowing the teacher’s own policies, it is safer (and more respectful) to arrive early.  

Math teacher Alane Schaefer strictly follows the school guidelines for tardy punishments. For Schaefer, tardy students leave an impression that they do not prepare themselves well and are unready for professional work and college.

“Students need to realize that being tardy disrupts the class,” Schaefer said.

Junior Julia Pan admits to arriving late almost every day last year to World Civilization, but her teacher was very forgiving. Unfortunately, not everyone can dodge the punishments so Pan points out her mistakes for helpful tips.

Even though Pan drives to school, she recommends biking because the traffic by the Veterans Memorial Center wastes a significant amount time. “Find a good biking partner who doesn’t make you late,” Pan said.

In addition to biking to school, Pan highly recommends to avoid staying up late. Instead of sleeping ten minutes after a morning alarm, go to bed earlier.  

If you do find yourself being late to class, there are ways to alleviate the embarrassment. “Come in quietly and don’t make a scene. Close the door quietly and just sit in your desk,” Pan said.

Being late can result in multiple consequences outside of the rules, such as missing lectures, important information and it affects other students because of the distraction.

Sophomore Maximiliano Villarreal-Blozis has the ultimate guide to beating the bell. Within ten minutes of waking up, he is almost ready to go out the door.

“Instead of showering in the morning if my hair looks messy, I rinse my hair under the sink,” Villarreal-Blozis said.

The trick that saves the most time for Villarreal-Blozis is to be dropped off a couple of blocks away from school with his bike. That way, he avoids the horrific traffic going into the parking lot.

Passing period is six minutes long, including a sprint bell that rings two minutes before each period officially starts.The tardy policies found in the DHS planner includes tardies for classes throughout the whole day.  

It’s time to sacrifice your cool and run to class if you hear that “ding-ding ding-ding” but are still across campus.

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