ASB election results released after a long weekend of waiting

By Renee Xiang, Staff–

Students paid eager attention to the bulletin on the morning of Feb. 12 as the results of the 2019 ASB elections were read out. The polling for the candidates ended at midnight on Feb 8.

Junior Ben Skinner earned his spot as ASB president and will lead the ASB board next school year. His vice president will be Collin Fitzpatrick, and sophomore Lyah Fitzpatrick will be taking the position of ASB secretary. Junior Sandy McGlothlin ran unopposed for ASB treasurer.

LISTEN to a segment of junior Ben Skinner’s winning speech for ASB president:

Voters this year were given a link to vote through Google forms, a recent development from last year’s ASB elections that was installed in order to replace paper ballots. The digital voting system caused voting turnout to increase dramatically, springing from 300 to 900 participants last year.

This year, approximately 700 juniors and sophomores submitted their votes to a new and improved Google form, thanks to ASB President Kenneth Wang.

LISTEN to this year’s ASB president Kenneth Wang share his expectations for next year’s board:

“What [we were] afraid of with the Google forms is that people would vote for the wrong grade and mess with the elections,” Wang said.

To secure the results and make sure no duplicate accounts slipped through to the results, Wang came up with a system to cross check the hundreds of submissions they received using a spreadsheet of the students’ emails.

“We went above and beyond what we did last year,” Student Government teacher Anthony Vasquez said. “This year there was more [voter fraud], but Kenneth worked all weekend to that seniors weren’t voting as underclassmen, so we feel really good about that.”

ASB President: Ben Skinner
ASB VP: Collin Fitzpatrick
ASB Treasurer: Sandy McGlothlin
ASB Secretary: Lyah Fitzpatrick
Clubs Commissioner: Eli Yasui
School Board Representative: Cory Kodira
Communications Commissioner: Kyu Choi
Secretary of Spirit: Graham Segel
Senior President: Sophia Fingerman
Senior VP: Cate Scheuring
Junior President: Keane Deas
Junior VP: Celia Cariou Gomez

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