PROFILE: Stanly Topete will continue working with paintball after graduation

PHOTO: Senior Stanly Topete plans to continue working after high school at Davis Paintball and add on another job.

By Sherlyn Garcia, Staff–

If you’re a senior, you’re on the brink of adult hood, facing critical decisions for your future after high school.

The options are endless–taking a gap year and traveling, jumping straight into the career you choose or going to college to further your education. Whatever your choice, you will have to learn to support yourself.

Senior Stanly Topete, like most seniors at Davis High, plans to go to college, continuing the job he has now.

“I want to work after high school basically just to prepare myself for after I’m done with college [so] I already know what to expect in the workforce and whatnot,” Topete said. “I also want to kind of train myself to not be so dependent on other people.”

Topete is already quite independent from his parents, but he still wants to make sure he’s ready for the real world after college.

Topete originally got the job with the help of how often he went to the area in which he works: Davis Paintball. His coworker and friend informed him about the job opportunity and asked Topete if he wanted to help out.

Soon enough, Topete found himself working a 9 to 5 shift on the weekends.

After high school, Topete plans to continue his current job and pick up a new one over summer. Once college begins, Topete hopes to accommodate his work schedule to his school schedule.

After Topete graduates from Davis High, he’s determined to to transfer out of Sacramento City College and head to a UC school, where he can major in business and find a job in that field.

“I’m not exactly sure what job [I want]. I still have to look into it, but definitely something along those lines,” Topete said.

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