Senior team wins powderpuff game a second time

PHOTO: Senior girls watch as coach Shaan Nahal draws up a play.

By Rayan Tilmatine, Staff–

The annual powderpuff game occurred on Friday, June 6, in a flag football brawl between the defending champion seniors and the first timer juniors.

Both teams practiced for two weeks straight, drill after drill and play after play to prepare for the matchup.

Last year, the juniors were the first team in Davis High history to ever defeat the seniors, and had no intentions of allowing that to happen to them this year.

Coming into the game, head coach and former Blue Devil quarterback senior Shaan Nahal had no worries about Friday’s outcome. “We got the best athletes in DHS history, we’ll be upset if we don’t blow them out the water,” Nahal said.

Senior starter Alex Agnew was also in no way nervous before the game commenced. “I knew we were going to win in like September. If we don’t score at least seven touchdowns, that’s disappointing,” Agnew said.

On the opposing side, junior coach Uraib Ali discussed what his team had to do right in order to come out of the game as winners. “We just need to run our plays through and get our hands out on D and we’ll be looking good,” Ali said.

The game started and the seniors were given a bit of a scare at the start as junior Paige Ochoa ran for a huge gain, but the run ended with an Agnew interception.

The first half was slow, with just a 7-0 lead by the seniors, scored by Agnew.

At half time, the powderpuff cheerleaders put on a show led by junior Daniel Ruiz-Jimenez, performing various dance moves, flips and tricks.

As the second half commenced, the seniors took control with touchdowns from Maya Doms twice, Sasha Ballowe, Makena Wahl and Agnew once again.

The juniors were able to score two touchdowns, finishing off with a 50-yard-run-in by Lily Byrne to make the score 42-14.

When the final play ended, Nahal was drenched with water from a Gatorade cooler, and the seniors became the only team to win the annual powderpuff game two years in a row.

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