Career Center continues providing student resources, opportunities

PHOTO: The Career Center has updated its page on the Davis High website so students can now access all of its resources.

By Saul Israel, Editor–

With this year’s college application season filled with unknowns, the Career Center has transitioned online in order to offer students its resources. 

The Career Center offers services including college application help, information on how to apply for financial aid, college tour opportunities and more. 

Resources such as resume writing and interview help, career exploration and financial aid information have been relatively easy to move online. Others have been more difficult. 

A large part of the Career Center in the past was college visits. Senior Luke Profaci attended a college visit held at the Academic Center in his junior year and felt it was an informative experience. 

“The meeting was very helpful to learn more about the school, especially since the representative I spoke to was from a school on the East Coast that I couldn’t visit in person,” Profaci said. “I haven’t gone to any this year, but I should probably find out how to.” 

Julie Clayton, the Career Center coordinator, has been working out the problems organizing virtual college visits. 

“It was challenging to move all in person college visits to a virtual setting, but that system is now in place and has been working well,” Clayton said.

Senior Dante Romero recently attended a virtual college visit and found the sign up process easy to understand.

“I just looked at the list on the Career Center website, saw that the school was visiting and got the Zoom link for the meeting from the list of schools. I also didn’t have to miss any of my classes since it was in the afternoon,” Romero said. 

Another important event held at the Career Center is the yearly Cash for College event. This is a workshop which teaches students and families how to fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and several other financial assistance programs. 

“I am in the process of shifting our in person Cash for College event [online…] It involves learning a lot of new technology, but I expect it to be ready to go when the event is offered in November,” Clayton said.

However with no presence on campus the Career Center is having a harder time connecting with students. Clayton wants to stay open to any student or family who need help and recommends students reach out if they need help.

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