How Yolo County Republicans prepared for the election

PHOTO: President Trump merchandise can be found on the Yolo GOP website. All of the proceeds help fund local campaigns. 

By Alexandra Zurborg, Staff–

During elections, Yolo County is known for favoring the Democratic candidate. Yolo County Republicans usually fly under the radar. During this election, members of the Yolo County GOP have tried to make their voices heard as much as possible.

Republican activist and soon to be vice president of the Sacramento Republican Women’s Federated, Sylivia Glynn, explains why people do not hear about the Republican party as much. “We’re underground because we have a cancel culture,” Glynn said. 

“The republicans are outnumbered because of people not understanding what we stand for. We stand for the working family, we believe in being able to go to the church of your choice, we believe in being able to sing at that church of your choice, and we do not believe in socialism,” said Dan Brown, head chairman of the Yolo GOP.

During this election, the Yolo County GOP has not been able to hold many events during COVID. “I think because of COVID, people are gathering with their families and with maybe their neighbors in a garage with masks and 6 feet apart. And I think because of COVID, people are being smart” Glynn said. “So far there have been three over the freeway rallies, but only 10 people came, and boat rallies every Saturday leading up to the election.”

The Yolo County Republicans planned to host a spaghetti dinner fundraiser on Oct. 10. However, it was cancelled because it did not follow COVID-19 guidelines. “Nobody is meeting. Everybody is on Zoom calls and people who are meeting are wearing their masks. And it’s really sad because we couldn’t have had any events, I don’t even think Tamika Hamilton had any events. COVID killed everything,” Glynn said. 

In an effort to gain more votes for Republicans, Glynn and Brown have been making numerous phone calls across the county to urge voters to vote for the Republican party and Trump. 

“We have been making phone calls, we have probably reached out to over 50,000 homes between Yolo County and other counties that were making calls for other republicans,” Brown said. “We have walked over 60 percent of the precincts in West Sacramento, Davis and Woodland and handed out over 9,000 door hangers.”

“I made 10,150 calls on Trump talk, and I called all this last week. I’ve been calling Pennsylvania and other states in an effort to vote for Trump. I would say something along the lines of ‘Hello, I’m with the Trump victory team.  Will you be voting for the Republican party and President Trump?’” Glynn said. 

The Yolo County GOP also had people poll watching to make sure that everything was going smoothly. “We have about 18 people that are poll watching that are in Woodland, Davis, Sacramento and Winters, and they are watching how people are coming in and how the polls are going. Also, how people are coming in and being treated with their ballots and people that are having problems. We are observing all of that,” Brown said.

After the poll watchers are done hand-writing their notes about things they personally observed after they talked to people who voted, they will submit them to the Board of Supervisors, the district’s attorney and Jesse Salinas, assessor, clerk-recorder and registrar of voters for Yolo County.

The Yolo County GOP has also put up a store on their facebook and website for people to buy Trump merchandise. All of their proceeds have gone back to finance local campaigns for Republicans such as Tamika Hamilton. 

Glynn believes that most Trump supporters were going out to vote on Nov. 3 instead of mailing in their ballots for a more accurate result. “Most of the mail in ballots were democrats, so their votes were spent. So most of the people showing up to the polls must be Republicans,” Glynn said. “I went to vote this morning in person, I wanted my vote to count today, and they had it set up wonderfully. It was 6 feet apart, lots of polling stations at Marguerite Montgomery, and it took me like 15 minutes.”

With this election, Glynn believes that Trump might have a good chance. “We will see an increase in Republicans this time. The people who live in Davis or live in California, live in a bubble. They think this is the way America is, but it’s not.” Glynn said. 

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