Baseball fans left feeling disappointed due to the delay of summer season

By Sahil Sah, Staff–

The postponement of baseball’s summer season due to COVID-19 left many Davis High students and coaches with mixed feelings. 

For Ethan Guevin, the DHS varsity baseball coach, it was tough not being able to watch professional baseball due to COVID-19. “Sports have a special ability to bring people together when done right,” Guevin said. Without baseball, he didn’t get to feel that experience over these last few months.

“Simply put, there’s no better classroom than the baseball field,” Guevin said. “It’s a great venue for practicing many of the skills that are helpful with life’s challenges.”

“It’s sad to see so much baseball getting shut down because of COVID but I know it’s for a good reason,” said Matt Mascio, the DHS freshman baseball coach. Although the situation is unfortunate, he knows it’s for the greater good, because staying quarantined will help reduce the amount of COVID-19 cases. 

Mascio dealt with not being able to watch baseball by rewatching old games. Watching those old games brought him joy and that same desire to root for a team. 

Sophomore Jake Almy said not being able to watch baseball was heartbreaking. “Watching my favorite team is important to me because of the time I get to spend with my family,” Almy said. 

Watching baseball brought passion for Almy and his family and it also brought them closer together. “Whenever there is a big game I’m out on the couch with my dad watching and yelling at the TV,” Almy said. 

“I’ve been a baseball fan since my childhood and it was very strange not to go to any games this summer,” English teacher Carin Pilon said. For many fans, the summer felt different because there were no games to watch or go to.

Not only did missing baseball feel strange to Pilon, but she also felt disappointed because she had tickets to a game that was supposed to take place in April. “We’d won a sweepstakes prize that included four tickets with special guest passes, and the opportunity to spend time on the field,” Pilon said.

“There was no baseball for a long time so it was boring,” sophomore Cameron Saylers said. Saylers missed being able to discuss games with his family and friends.

“Having to find other things to do was limited for me,” Saylers said. 

Guevin felt that there is more to watching baseball than simply just watching it. “I think watching a favorite team is a great way to feel a part of something bigger than yourself and can also have some therapeutic value in the routines you create by watching,” Guevin said. 

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